EU projects


EU projects that The Museum of Foteviken has participated or are participating in:


1997 - 1999: Over Öresund, Interreg IIA project. The Museum of Foteviken – FMC, in cooperation with Roskilde Bymuseum, completed a project aimed at charting and building a searchable data base of events around Öresund from the Viking Age and the Middle Ages.

1998 – 2001: North Sea Viking Legacy Interreg IIIB project for the North Sea area. The museum participated as observer. The project was aimed at identifing and make visible remnants from the Viking age. Methods involving information signs were an important part of the mediation concept. Arrangement of hiking trails where the cultural history is visualized was also attached to the project.

1999 - 2002: Balder Interreg IIIB project, was aimed at the nations around the Baltic Sea and their interconnected history from the Viking Age to present.

2002 - 2005: Destination Viking Living History, Interreg IIIB project,  . Eight partners from four nations participated in mapping their museums’ Viking Age surroundings. Work was done both in studies of written sources and in the field.

2002 - 2006: Destination Viking Saga Land, Interreg IIIB project,  , for Nordic Periferi as a consultant. The project was aimed at the study of the cultural landscape and the integration of Viking remnants. The study of ancient stories and legends was a main focus of the project.

2003 – 2006 Nave Nortrail Interreg IIIB as partner. The aim is to create a series of footpaths around the North SeaCoast to enable people to enjoy walking in these special coastal landscapes and, at the same time, to discover the special things about these places - what makes them different and what gives them a common North Sea culture.

2002-2006: KNOT (Kultur, Natur och Turism). Interrreg IIIC project, The project dealt with a digital map and digital solutions, enabling people to search for and find information. Interesting places to visit could also be found on the map. The exchange of experiences was a major part of this project.

2007 – 2010: LiveARCH, Project in Cultur 2007. The project is a network for archaeological open air museums and is a part of ICOM´s (International Council Of Museums) work to develop concepts for museums.

2008 - 2010: Bike the Baltic, Interreg IV A South Baltic . A project aimed at making the Viking remnants and our cultural landscape accessible through biking. It involved Skåne, Bornholm and the north of Poland.

2010 – 2012: AMAPROOF, Interreg IVA project. It is a cross-border project aimed at strengthen the cooperation between The Museum of Foteviken and Middelaldercentret in Denmark in their work with volunteers. The employees of the museums participate together with volunteers.

2010- 2012 Hands on, a leader project , involving local people to get involve in old handcraft and experimental archaeology

2011 - 2017, openARCH, Cultur 2007. The main idea of Archaeological Open Air Museums is to present both the tangible and intangible past to the public.

2011 - 2011, Söderslätt museum network, a leader pilote project, to bring togeter the museums at Söderslätt.

2011 -2012 IN TEATHER Interreg IV A South Baltic

2012-2014 CRAFTLAND Interreg IV A South Baltic. The main aim of the project is to intensify intercultural dialogue and involve local communities in cross-border activities as well as preserve the cultural heritage of the South Baltic Region through joint actions increasing the attractiveness of the area.

2015-2019  FOLLOW THE VIKINGS Creativ Europe The Follow the Vikings project is a multi-faceted project to promote, celebrate, transfer knowledge and skills and facilitate the exchange of tangible and intangible cultural material relating to the Viking World.  It presents a tremendous opportunity to add value to and build on the Council of Europe’s Viking Cultural Route,